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Here are some questions we are asked frequently, so hopefully these may answer your query.

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How do I unsubscribe from the sellahouseNZ newsletter ?
I have unsubscribed, so why am I still getting emails ?
You may have an active listing or a saved property search in your Favourites. Manage all your email preferences by clicking here
Is sellahouseNZ really FREE ?
Yes ! it is completely FREE - we charge nothing, no fees, no commissions, nothing
I have received an email that I think is SPAM, what should I do ?
Please remember to NEVER reveal your email address in any messages, unless you trust the person you are emailing. If you suspect that you have been spammed then once logged into your email in sellahouseNZ, click on the *Report as Spam* link.
I cannot get in contact with a seller - what should I do ?
The best way to contact a seller is to send them an email. You will need to become a member (it's FREE) before you can email sellers. Once you have sent an email you can login to your account and take a look at your Sent Mail to see if the email has been read.
I have sent several emails and had no reply - can you help ?
Some users are slow to respond or just may not respond at all for one reason or another - we cannot get involved in this process or offer any additional contact information, as the site is a user led service, so each buyer and seller respectively can choose whether or not to engage with the other.
Can you provide me with sellers' contact information ?
As the site is a user led service, each buyer and seller respectively can choose how much information to share with the other - this is true for contact information also. So we cannot provide any more information on how to contact a seller then that which has already been provided by the seller with their listing.

We have more frequently asked questions here if the above did not help...

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