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How to Sell my House Privately ?

Contrary to what some may think, there is no dark art to selling your house yourself. It is not complicated and there is no law that says you have to use a Real Estate Agent – you will save yourself a lot of money by doing it yourself.

If you think about it, the process of selling a property is as simple as putting the right buyers in-front of the right sellers and traditionally, a Real Estate agent would sit in the middle and act as the communicator between both. This setup worked back in the days before the internet because there was no way to do this yourself – the Agency would have a big network of sellers and buyers and there would not be a way to access this network unless you went through an agent.

However, with the Internet, the model has completely changed, as individuals have the ability to completely circumvent the middle man, and subscribe to their OWN network of sellers and buyers, such as Essentially, the Internet has leveled the playing field, and it is not just in the realm of Real Estate that this holds true, as it is happening across industries.

So, take the first step and take back control, after all your property is probably the most valuable asset you own and so why would you want to give a large chunk of it away to an Agent – Register with here and take back control !


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